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Purchase, Share & Gift Loyalty Points

Explore more ways to create rewarding experiences with HotelsByDay Loyalty Points!
When your loyalty points match the cost of the booking, you can redeem points for a free day stay.
Refer, buy or gift loyalty points so you and your loved ones can enjoy a variety of rewards faster.


Points can be purchased from the following options.

100 points = 20% holiday discount
300 points = 20% holiday discount
700 points = 20% holiday discount - Popular
1500 points = 20% holiday discount


Purchase points for other members, including friends and family, to help the special people in your life earn a free daytime booking.


Refer our loyalty program to friends & family
and you all get 5 points each time!

Buy Points Frequently Asked Questions Buy Points FAQ

What are loyalty points?
Can I purchase loyalty points?
Do loyalty points expire?
Where can I see my points?
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