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Montreal - April 17, 2021

Holiday Inn Laval Montreal

2900 boul. Le Carrefour, Montreal, Quebec H7T 2K9

+1 386-202-6050

Day Room   2
109.00 CAD
Check-in: 9:00am
Check-out: 4:00pm - Same Day
Precise room assignment at Check-in. Ask Front-Desk for best available

* This rate does not include taxes and fees.

See Booking Policy For More Details

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Description

This newly renovated hotel excites. They say new is not always better, but in the case of Holiday Inn Laval—it is. The property now boasts an indoor swimming pool, a sports restaurant & bar, and a stylish lobby. Relax and unwind in style at the Holiday Inn Laval on your next daystay in Laval by booking with HotelsByDay today!


Old Montreal – The historic center of the city delivers what’s best about Montreal. The neighborhood lies along the banks of the St. Lawrence River and is filled with old-style European architecture, museums, picturesque streets, and numerous cafes

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts – Montreal’s most prestigious museum houses a collection of fine art that includes the works of greats such as Renoir, El Greco, and Picasso. Make a day trip to the museum on your next daystay in Montreal.

Cosmodome – An astronomy museum that offer a unique experience. The Cosmodome takes a twist on what a museum should be and offers its guest a choice of missions they can embark on (like going to Mars). This engaging new way to portray important scientific information has received some really amazing reviews and because of that, the Cosmodome is a must see.

We should mention

La Cage aux Sports Restaurant & Bar - The hotel’s on site restaurant serves up delicious food and cocktails that will suit anyone’s needs.

Indoor Pool - Refresh yourself by taking a morning or afternoon swim in the hotel’s heated indoor pool. Not every hotel has this kind of a perk available, so take an advantage of it.

Parking - Free parking is available for all guests

HotelsByDay provides hourly daytime spaces with all the amenities of an elegant hotel: you can relax, recharge & be productive anywhere.

How it works

  1. Select location and date.
  2. Select your booking preference: (Dayroom, Work Pass, Pool Pass, etc).
  3. Receive booking confirmation with instructions.
  4. Bring a valid photo ID & matching credit card to the hotel for check-in at the front desk.
  5. Enjoy your day stay!

Cancellation Policy

'Pay at hotel' bookings are charged at the hotel and can be canceled at any time prior to check-in, for any reason, at no penalty. However, service is on a first-come, first-served basis.

'Non Refundable' bookings guarantee the service and can be canceled for HotelsByDay credit if canceled 25 hours prior to check-in. Any cancelation within 25 hours prior to check-in is final and cannot be refunded.

To read our full cancellation policy, click here.

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