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Reviews from Partner Hotels

We have found that the system is easy to use and has generated some good revenue.  It is quite easy operationally speaking as all guest are not checked in before 7pm.  We were a bit leery of the type of guest how may be booking this short period of time but have not had any issues with any of the Hotels by Day guest.
Kevin BazantGeneral ManagerThe Mosser HotelSan Francisco

Reviews from Guests

There have been numerous times where I’ve traveled and been stuck in a city in the morning with all my luggage because the check-in time for my hotel was 3pm. Hotels by Day solved this problem for me and I use this service all the time to freshen up and relax in the mornings. Such a clever idea and a great execution! Thumbs up, Hotels by Day.
Krystian Tomasiewicz

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