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In-room Work Desk

Comfort Inn Prince Albert

3863 2nd Ave. W., Prince Albert, Saskatchewan S6W 1A1
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In-room Work Desk
Comfort Inn Prince Albert is conveniently located just off 2nd Avenue West, and lies within easy reach of numerous shops and restaurants as well as a casino, water park, and many golf courses.

Hotel Amenities

Dry Cleaning
Hair Dryer
Handicap Access
In-room Work Desk
Laundry Service
Pet Friendly
Printers & Copiers
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Day use room
Day use room   2
Booking a Day use room grants you the use of amenities at the hotel.
Included Amenities
Wi-Fi + TV
Natural light
Private bathroom
Air Conditioning
Precise room assignment at Check-in. Additional charge for ground floor rooms.
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Cancellation Policy

'Book now, Pay later' bookings can be canceled at any time, for any reason, at no penalty. However, day services are on a first-come, first-served basis.

'Book now with credit card' bookings can be canceled at no charge IF canceled 25 hours prior to check-in. Any cancellation within 25 hours prior to check-in is final and hotel will not refund.

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