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Introducing Private Offices Near Home

We need variety for creativity and productivity. Booking a hotel dayroom is the ideal solution for your distributed teams: The chance to get out of the house and productively work in an environment that's quiet, clean, private, safe, with fast Wifi & strong coffee, and lots of amenities that traditional CoWorking offices cannot match.

A safe, private and secure workspace for your remote teams

Trust & Safety

Your team is remote and in need of a safe, convenient place to work. Thanks to HotelsByDay, you can now accommodate your remote teams in private dayrooms; backed by the strong duty of care protocols of the world’s most trusted hotel brands.

9,000+ Convenient Locations

With dayrooms across North America, HotelsByDay offers your team consistent expectations in almost every neighborhood your staff is located in. Can’t find your town? Let us know! We have the power to unlock dayroom inventory anywhere in the world.

On-Site Perks

By using Dayrooms as private office spaces, your team will have a wide array of on-site amenities: meetings at the restaurant, swimming in the pool after work, an invigorating break at the gym, relaxing at the Spa. You can now marry productivity & convenience at your favorite hotel, and shed the burden of setting your own work-perks program by using HotelsByDay work memberships.

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