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About Us

HotelsByDay is a disruptive new sharing economy startup in the hospitality industry that offers customers the ability to get instant access to hotel rooms for the day; otherwise called a day-stay, via both app & desktop bookings.

Hotels benefit by monetizing their unused hotel rooms and customers benefit by booking a short stay at a hotel. We’re catering to a millennial audience who need flexibility in their agenda and need a place to rest for a short period.

What profile should you have?

First, be a stellar human! We are looking for team members with compassion, care for service, creativity and wouldn’t hesitate to assist in all aspects of our startup growth. The roles are varied and interesting. Involving researching market opportunities, speaking directly with senior executives to win more business, data mining, accounting, all aspects of IT, as well as getting involved with digital marketing and social media.

Our startup is fast growing and changing the conventional norms in hospitality.

Are you ambitious, and hungry for knowledge?
Are you willing to take a chance on our startup?

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