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The concept of rest is something that has been glossed over by many in our dynamic world. Things move so fast today, many assume that’s a necessary part of how things work. But rest is part of being human, and going without it can have some unintended, even dangerous consequences. 

Success and rest go hand in hand. Some of history’s greatest minds have agreed, including Benjamin Franklin, who once said: “He that can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.” 

Today, hourly hotel booking is making the act of resting more accessible than ever. The concept of a rest hotel, where you can get a room for a few hours to recharge in a quiet, comfortable space, will change how people restore their minds and bodies. 

Live at Your Own Pace

Everyone has their own internal clock. While much of life is dictated by having to be at a certain place at a specific time, people are realizing there can and should be more nuance to this equation. Life doesn’t need to feel like running on a hamster wheel. Rest hotels are one of the best ways for people to escape this cyclical monotony. 

Your time is, of course, valuable. You want to maximize every moment of your life But how will you achieve that if you’re not rested? Sometimes, removing stimulation and just allowing yourself to be is far more productive than trying to “do” something. Rest has been shown to provide various benefits to individuals, such as reducing stress levels, improving mental and physical health, gaining a better understanding of self, and even improving productivity levels. 

Simply put, rest shouldn’t just be seen as a luxury. It’s a way for people to find a deeper sense of purpose, while being simultaneously restorative. 

More Ways to Enjoy Hotels

The concept of a rest hotel is new for many people. We have this outdated notion that hotels are just a place you spend the night when you’re traveling or on vacation. But they have the potential to be so much more than that. 

Where do you go when you’re away from home but absolutely need a place to take a nap or unwind a bit? Going to the park or a coffee shop just isn’t going to cut it. HotelsByDay is excited to offer a whole new way of using hotels as a place for rest. Even if you just need a quiet place for a few hours, it’s now available at your fingertips.



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