As the world grows more interconnected, we’re traveling more than ever before. With business trips to meet clients across the country and friends to see in different cities, we’re all on the road more often and for longer periods. That means we also need to be smarter about how we travel, the places we stay, and how we get there. At HotelsByDay, we’re revolutionizing the way people travel, one intra-day stay at a time.

Rising Cost of Travel
Despite rapidly falling oil prices, airfare doesn’t seem to be falling along with them. In fact, when we look at large carriers like Delta, the average fare for customers in its most recent quarter actually increased by 1.9%. Because we continue to pay increasing amounts to get to our destinations, the best way to reduce costs is by saving on accommodations.

The Rise of the Day Stay

For business travelers, families heading into the city for sightseeing, shoppers exercising retail therapy, or people waiting on layovers, hotel day stays come to the rescue. For travelers who don’t need to spend the night, it doesn’t make sense to pay the price that comes with that. If you only need the room for a few hours to get some work done in peace and quiet, you should only pay a fair amount to do just that.

If you just want to take a nap or rest your feet for a few hours during a busy day of sightseeing and shopping, booking a night at a hotel isn’t totally justified, but booking a day stay? Definitely. With HotelsByDay, travelers have the option to reserve their own space in the city for the day for a fraction of standard night pricing. Better yet? We have a space for everyone, the luxury hotel for the business traveler, a comfortable hotel near the airport for waiting out that miserable layover, and the trendy boutique hotel for when you’re taking a little daycation.

However you’re spending your day stay, you deserve the space that fits your needs, and the price that fits your budget.

Repurposing Daytime Hotel Space

And the arrangement benefits the hotels just as much as it benefits guests. For many hotels, their rooms remain unoccupied during the day, wasting valuable inventory space. To be able to repurpose that space to accommodate daytime guests, our partner hotels can maximize their efficiency to serve a great number of visitors.

So the next time you want to book a luxury hotel, take a day trip, or just find a quiet space to get some work done, let HotelsByDay find the perfect spot for you. Because really, luxury hotel stays don’t need to cost a fortune.

Learn more about HotelsByDay short term hotel stays here, email us at, or give us a call at +1.855.925.2530 today. Happy travels!

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