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The layover can be one of the trickiest obstacles to navigate for travelers. Many have horror stories to tell about being stuck in an airport for countless hours – forced to eat expensive, subpar food in an uncomfortable environment. It's traditionally been the most difficult to plan your layover when there’s enough time to leave the airport, but not enough to spend a full day in the temporary destination.  

But it really doesn’t have to be this way. In today’s world, people have options for how to make the most of their layover. This is largely due to new arrangements for booking unused hotel spaces near the airport. You can now get a hotel room, or even just take advantage of its amenities, without having to reserve an overnight stay. 

Anyone who’s planning to travel soon should consider looking into layover hotels near airports. They can completely change how you approach flying, regardless of whether you’re doing it for business or leisure. 


What Is a Day Use Layover Hotel?


People are generally familiar with the concept of an overnight layover. But what if you have an eight-hour layover during the day? This presents you with an awkward amount of time that would be excruciatingly spent at the airport, but also won’t be sufficient to go out and explore a city – lest you run the risk of missing your next flight. 

A layover hotel near the airport enables travelers to book rooms to relax or use the amenities – such as the gym, pool, or workspaces – by the hour or for short blocks of time. As you can probably already imagine, there are several situations where this works perfectly for layovers. 


Why Layover Hotels Near Airports Are Ideal for Travelers


Spending time in the airport is an ineffective use of time, but it might not be enough to convince you of the benefits of the many layover hotel rooms that surround major airports. So let’s dig into some of the reasons why booking a hotel day rate to spend a layover is an ideal solution for travelers:

Layovers have traditionally been seen as a negative experience to be avoided. With the availability of layover hotels, however, travelers have a whole new set of tools for making the most of their time. Check out how HotelsByDay can upgrade your next layover. 


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