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Staycation: A Vacation without Leaving Home

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You’ve likely heard the term for taking a vacation without actually going out of town—staycation. This is a growing trend that is especially popular among younger people. According to Regency Hotel Management, the millennial generation is on average taking over three staycations per year. More people being able to work remotely, combined with the financial benefits of staying local as opposed to traveling, are two big factors driving this. The proliferation of hotel day rooms, however, is also changing how people spend their leisure time. 

In the past, booking a hotel room meant going out of town and paying a premium for the convenience of staying overnight. While there are obvious benefits to this kind of travel, it’s can be time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive. 

Want to use your time more efficiently and save money while doing? Reconsider how you vacation and explore staycation hotels from HotelsByDay.

Reasons to Staycation Over Vacation

There’s a reason why more people are choosing to staycation over traveling. Even before the restrictions put in place due to the Coronavirus, people were seeing plenty of reasons to stay close to home instead of getting away. These are a few of the top reasons staycations are so appealing:

  • Less effort than taking a larger vacation. Time off work should be spent decompressing, not running around like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, the latter is often what ends up happening when people put too much stock in an all-out vacation. It’s been hyped up so much, you can’t relax unless you exhaust yourself. With a staycation, the goal is more to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. This is more easily accomplished when you’re not worried about timelines.

  • Less expensive to have a staycation than a full-on vacation. Plane tickets, multiple nights at a hotel or resort, eating out every meal, souvenirs—travel expenses can add up quickly. With a staycation, you’re just bringing yourselves. Booking a room for the day is affordable for just about every budget.

  • A different way of prioritizing. Staycations are about experiences and spending time with the people most important to you, not sight-seeing and taking pictures. If you’re seeking depth over breadth, a staycation is the way to go. 

Make Your Regular Life More Leisurely 

The thing about staycations that makes them unique from vacations is that they don’t need to be considered special events. There’s always this fear of getting sick right when you’re about to travel, as it can totally ruin something you’ve spent months (if not years) looking forward to. Staycations normalize the idea of leisure in a way that’s been lost to most people. A staycation doesn’t require much planning or money—just the desire to live life to the fullest. 

HotelsByDay Gives You Another Reason to Staycation

The most memorable experiences are usually from seamless, hassle-free moments. That’s exactly what you get with our flexible booking platform. Whether you’re trying to get away for the whole day or just a few hours, pay for the time you want and not a moment more.

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