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What is 'Day-Room Inventory'? - The combination of unsold rooms from the night before, pooled with early check outs. At a minimum of 3 hours, anytime between 7am to 7pm.
The Problem:

Benefits in joining hotelsbyday:

Boost Revenues: Boost your bottom-line revenue by capitalizing on a room that would otherwise sit empty during the day.
Low customer Acquisition: Capture a new client in your vicinity for a fraction of what it cost via traditional OTAs.
Guest Experience: HotelsByDay brings you happy guests. We have a 4.6/5 star rating on Google Reviews and thousands of five-star reviews on Reseller Ratings!
No Displacement: Absolutely 0% displacement to your overnight stay, as many night guests check-out before 10 a.m. and don’t check-in prior to 6 p.m.
No Strikethrough: No comparing your night rates with day rates. We elevate the day room model in its own right.
Complete Flexibility: Control your rates, time-bands, and inventory whenever you want with full access to our backend portal.

Benefits in Joining HotelsByDay

est. February 2015

Mission Statement

To enhance hospitality, by offering protocols that unlock day-room inventory, monetize room downtime and improve the guest experience.

Guest FeedBack

Takeway:86% of customers
'Satisfied' to 'Very Satisfied'!

Hotels Love Us !

Jessica Pereira | Corporate Directory of Revenue Management | M&R Hotel Group

"So far, the benefits of working with HotelsByDay have outweighted our expectations. Being able to accomodate guests' needs and requests are what we are business for. We are rewarded by their satisfaction and by the opportunity to maximize our growth with this incremental source of revenue."

Guests Love Us !

Erin Melvin | Repeat Customer

"I love HotelsbyDay! I am not able to sleep on my red eye flight from LA to Boston. When I get to Logan Airport I am like a zombie. With HBD I can grab breakfast at the airport, take a car service to the hotel for a refreshing nap. After that I am ready for my meeting right at the hotel. Then I have dinner, take a quick nap and its back to the airport!"

The Press Gets It !

HotelsByDay solves major travel problems:

Founded in 2015, the website books hotels for day stays and is featured on actress Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle web magazine, Goop, which called it "a genius solution to a myriad of travel-related issues."

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