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As Heraclitus once said: “The only constant in life is change.”

Nowadays, we seek to optimize everything: our homes, workspaces, travel arrangements, and most of all, our precious time.

There is a need to increasingly fill gaps with micro-experiences; like a day pass at an elegant hotel to hang by the pool, work in a comfortable environment or relax in between travels.

As hospitality professionals, this new dynamic forces us to rethink the way we operate.
In sum, guests’ needs are changing. Hospitality must adapt.


Launched in 2015, HotelsByDay generates millions of dollars in daytime revenues with otherwise underutilized inventory: from day use rooms and meeting rooms to day passes (pool or coworking), all coming with a sizable F&B boost.

We work with major brands and boutique properties — in 61 countries and counting!

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Benefits to Listing with HotelsByDay

Boost revenue with unutilized inventory
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No overnight displacement

Monetize your Daytime Assets

Business Products and Services
Day Room
Day Room ~$95 - $250
Conference Room
Conference Room ~$300 - $600
Common space coworking
Common space coworking ~$15 - $35
Gym Pass
Gym Pass ~$15 - $35
Parking Pass
Parking Pass ~$15 - $35
Leisure Products and Services
Pool Pass
Pool Pass ~$25 - $90
Pool Cabana
Pool Cabana ~$100 - $500
Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages ~$30 - $500
Spa Pass
Spa Pass ~$45 - $195
Event Space
Event Space ~$600 - $5,000