La Quinta Inn & Suites Fresno NW

5077 N Cornelia Ave, Fresno, California 93722


Day Room
58.00 USD
Check-in: 10:00am
Check-out: 4:00pm - Same Day
Pay at Hotel No credit card required.

Max. Occupancy of 2 People. See Booking Policy For More Details

* This rate does not include taxes and fees.

For overnight stays:

Hotel Description

The classy and contemporary La Quinta Inn & Suites Fresno makes relaxation a breeze. The spacious guest rooms are perfect for spreading out and making yourself at home or even just as a place to leave some bags behind while enjoying a day out on the town. Work up a sweat in the gym, do some laps in the pool, and settle in for a good movie. With endless amenities and a convenient location it is an ideal stopping spot for any traveler. 

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Fresno Chaffee Zoo - If traveling with family or a group, don’t miss out on the Fresno Chaffee Zoo. Featuring zoo adventure programs for children and adults alike, this extensive zoo is a fun filled day for anyone and open seven days a week it is easy to fit into any day stay. See all kinds of species of our beautiful naturalistic world and gain some knowledge on their habitats at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.  

Forestiere Underground Gardens - Take advantage of a truly unique experience beneath the surface. Make sure to include the fun stroll through the underground cave system that only took 40 years and the passion of one man to bring to life. A world beneath the shadows of beauty and elegance, these underground gardens are highlighting some of the worlds richest and most passionate people. Sinking into these gardens is like dipping your spirit in a bath of exquisite energy and love. A connection worth a thousand tears of joy.  

Fashion Fair Mall - Indulge in a day of shopping and walking at the Fashion Fair Mall. With over 200 stores you are bound to find what you’re looking for. Vintage, contemporary, street fashion or high couture, you name it, this mall has it. 

Hotel Amenities

We should mention

Parking - No need to stress over parking while enjoying your daystay with ample, complimentary parking provided for all guests courtesy of La Quinta Inn & Suites.

Pool -A refreshing feeling from the get-go, La Quinta is humble to the many pleasures clientele have all over the world. Dive right into the outdoor pool or hop into the hot tub, accessible to all guests. 

Gym - Don’t neglect skipping a daily routine just because you're out of town for a daycation, take advantage of top of the line equipment in the fitness center and get you a sweat on. 

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