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Embarking on a cruise can be an experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s your first time, or an annual affair, cruises are quite literally a boatload of fun. 

While being on a cruise is about as close as one can get to constant bliss, there are some elements before and after the voyage that are less exciting – namely, the pre- and post-cruise logistics. 

No one wants to deal with the buzz kill of getting off a cruise and then being stuck in a parking lot with nowhere to go until your flight departs hours later. Similarly, arriving too early to the cruise departure point can leave you twiddling your thumbs for what can seem like an eternity. 

If you’re taking a cruise, you probably want to be fully immersed in your vacation – not thinking about how to kill time. Fortunately, there’s now a perfect solution for travelers who have extra time before or after their cruise: day use hotels. 


Why Daytime Hotel Bookings Are Ideal for Cruise Travel Logistics

It’s possible you’re not totally familiar with the concept of a daytime hotel booking. If so, you’re not alone; it’s a relatively new concept that’s totally changing how people travel, work, and recreate. 

In essence, it’s exactly what’s implied by the name: a hotel room that you can book during daytime hours. This can be done for the afternoon, or just a couple hours. You can book same-day rooms; or, forgo a room altogether and simply book a pass for amenities like the pool or gym.   

While this might not sound like a revolutionary concept at first, when you digest the details, it begins to make sense why this is such a valuable resource – especially for those seeking cruise hotels. Here are some of the benefits of utilizing HotelsByDay near a cruise port:

The ability to easily book a day-use hotel room in a cruise port city can radically change your vacation experience. Use our search bar to book a day room for your next cruise 


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