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Book a Day Use Hotel Room in Miami

Same day last minute, early check-in, late check-out - whatever your schedule, in an elegant Dayroom, all over the galaxy.
Private, clean, safe spaces for digital nomads, from Workations to Daycations, at half the night rate.
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The long-standing concept of hotels is out-of-date. Today, hotels aren’t just about spending the night, they’re about making the most out of the day. Hourly hotels and flexible time bands are unlocking totally new uses for hotel spaces. Have you ever wanted to just book a room to take a nap, work for the day, use the luxurious amenities? Now you can; and that’s only the beginning. 

Take advantage of day use hotels in Miami your way:

Have a Space to Be Productive

A lot of people are struggling with the new work-from-home environment. While some love sending emails in their underwear, others can’t look past the distractions of being at home. This is where day-use hotels come into play. If you want a space to get some work done without the temptations (and noise) of home, book a room for the day. 

Make Time for You

When there’s so much negativity on the news, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Try to remember what’s important to you. But most importantly, make time for it. Booking a hotel by the hour in Miami is the perfect way to do this. You don’t need to have a set itinerary when getting a day-use hotel room. Book by the hour when it’s convenient for you.


Start (or End) Your Cruise Right 

Although cruises are the last place many people want to be during a pandemic, they’re sure to return eventually. A day-use hotel in Miami or Fort Lauderdale will be a great way to start or end your trip (or both). If your flight arrives early, you can take a nap or rejuvenate at the spa. If you have some time after you get back from the cruise, you can explore the city for a day without worrying about your bags or having a shower and bathroom available. Flexible hotels by the hour are the ideal cruise jump-off. 

With so many ways to enjoy day-use hotels in Miami, your hardest decision will be how you’ll spend your time when there.

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