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Short Stay Hotels Maximize Your Productivity

Same day last minute, early check-in, late check-out - whatever your schedule, in an elegant Dayroom, all over the galaxy.
Private, clean, safe spaces for digital nomads, from Workations to Daycations, at half the night rate.
Join our #MasterKey Loyalty Club and immediately earn points towards a free stay (simply "sign-in").
From "cancel-anytime" bookings to non-refundable offered at better rates: Pay now or Pay later. We got you covered.

The pace of life is changing. You can feel it getting faster in little things like the loading speed of a webpage, or same-day delivery. Daytime hotel rooms accommodate the tempo of modern life in a unique way. 

Can you think of another venue where work, relaxation, dining, rejuvenation, and fitness coexist in one place? The ability to access various hotel amenities by the day—or even better, by the hour—is more than just convenient—it evolves hospitality into an on-demand service, industry. 

Plans in the digital age are more fluid than ever before. That’s why you need the flexibility to book hotel rooms and amenities near you for the day, by the hour, or even last minute—right from your phone. 

HotelsByDay makes it possible to use your precious time to its fullest potential by taking the mundane and turning it into something memorable. It’s time to seize the day. Here’s to a whole new way of living. 

The Perfect Short Stay Hotel Day

While there may be variations in everyone’s ideal day, While the concept of our ideal day may vary, some things remain universal: being at a hotel should be a luxury. This is a major reason why booking a hotel for day use makes sense, as well as why it’s a core value of HotelsByDay. 

We know it’s worth demanding the most out of life, which is why we created this platform, allowing people to maximize their time and have novel experiences. You should be able to get what they want, when they want it. Consider the following scenarios:

  • You have some time to kill before a business meeting downtown. You decide to get a hotel room for a few hours to review the material and catch a quick nap. As you’re taking a shower to freshen up and look presentable, you remember a key revision that needs to be made to your presentation. The meeting runs like a clock and you finalize the deal. 

  • You and your partner are going to a musical in the evening. You’ve made a dinner reservation for 6 p.m. but it’s only noon. You book a last-minute hotel room for the day and get a spa package as well. By the time six o’clock rolls around you both jokingly say you should just skip dinner and the musical and stay in. You both secretly know you weren’t really joking. 

Recharge at a Day-Use Hotel Near You

Life pulls you in all kinds of directions. It can be exhausting if you don’t take care of yourself in the process. Short stay hotels are the ideal way to recharge your internal battery so you can be your best for the moments that matter most. HotelsByDay is excited to offer flexible bookings across the United States, Canada, and beyond—as we turn the page on a new way of experiencing hotels.

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