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Hourly Hotels Reinvigorate Your Routine

Same day last minute, early check-in, late check-out - whatever your schedule, in an elegant Dayroom, all over the galaxy.
Private, clean, safe spaces for digital nomads, from Workations to Daycations, at half the night rate.
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It’s not wise to make too many assumptions in life. Thinking you know everything is a surefire way to end up doing something foolish. While this can have serious consequences at times, assumptions affect the everyday in tiny, unnoticeable ways. 

One of the biggest assumptions people make is that something must be a certain way because it has been in the past. Although betting against inertia might not be a winning gamble, settling can be a far greater loss. Some people assume that because hotels have never offered day rates been a certain way their entire lives, that’s the only way they can and should exist. Hourly hotels, however, are set to prove this line of thinking totally wrong. 

Hotels Are for More Than Just Sleep

Many people associate hotels with spending the night. It’s how they’ve traditionally been used. But what is a hotel, really? It’s a home away from home, a convenient place to relax when your schedule calls for it. For this reason, hotels are often outfitted with various amenities, such as spas, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, fitness rooms and other accommodations to make your stay so much more than just a night’s sleep. 

If the only point of a hotel were to spend the night there, then offering flexible hourly stays wouldn’t make sense. But this isn’t the world in which we live. Through the help of our innovative booking platform, more hotels are understanding that a guest’s stay isn’t just about utility but also the experience.

Get the Most Out of Your Days 

Do you wake up every morning expecting the new day to be about the same as the last one? Complementing your schedule with hourly hotel bookings helps change up the routine when you need it most. Every day is an opportunity, even the smallest advance should be considered a victory. And with enough wins, life starts feeling a lot more like a playground than a war of attrition. 

What Will You Do with Your Hours?

Booking hourly hotels is a cost-effective way to enjoy the relaxing nature of hotels and amenities without having to pay for a full night’s stay that you don’t need. After all, a lot can be accomplished in only a few hours, especially when it comes to getting some rest and relaxation. 

Make the most of your time and save money doing it. Explore hourly hotel options near you with HotelsByDay.

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