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9-to-5 Hotels Bring Convenience to Your Day

The workweek is changing. Technology has made it so more people can work remotely than ever before. This was a trend even before the Coronavirus accelerated the timeline. Now, individuals and organizations are looking for the best ways to work in this ever-changing economy. Few people could have predicted that booking hotels by the day might fill a niche for those working out of the office. 

HotelsByDay is helping to make a case for why 9-to-5 hotel rooms can play a major role in the future of remote work. 

Work in a Whole New Way

The rules of today are nothing like what they have been in the past. While office spaces aren’t totally going the way of the dinosaur, we’re in the midst of a massive shift in how and where people work. 

While there are lingering ideas that people aren’t really working when they’re not in the office, the findings don’t agree. Forbes notes there are several distinct benefits to remote working, namely, that workers are actually far more productive outside the office walls—averaging 35-40 percent higher productivity than those in an office. 

When you’re able to totally focus on tasks, work doesn’t just get done faster, it’s of a much higher quality as well. Being able to turn in better work more efficiently at a 9-to-5 hotel means you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love. 

Be Closer to What Matters Most

In real estate, they say location is everything. But where you are is important in all areas of life, not just when you’re thinking about buying a house. With 9-to-5 hotel booking options, you can think about proximity in a whole new way. 

Going out for a night in the city can be a ton of fun. At the same time, it can be a lot of effort—especially if you’re having to go home, put on new clothes, and then drive back to your destination. All said, you can be looking at an hour or two of preparing and traveling just to start your big night. After a full day of work, you might feel exhausted before dinner. 

Being able to work at a hotel a short distance from your plans means you’ll be able to immediately get ready after you’re done working. Then, you’ll only be a stone’s throw away from the evening’s activities. A 9-to-5 hotel can help you claim control of your time in whole new ways. 

Adapt to the Digital World of Work

We can all see the way we work is changing. It only makes sense to capture these trends in beneficial ways. Daytime hotel rooms provide a radically new way to get things done, where your work life and personal life can exist in harmony. Start a new era of your work life by booking a morning or daytime hotel room with HotelsByDay.



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Questions fréquemment posées

A day use room is a room available for early morning check-in and late-afternoon check-out. For example, a popular time band on HotelsByDay lasts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Generally, day rooms are 'run of the house' - meaning that whatever room is vacant will be assigned to you.  If you have a specific room request, we suggest you write on the 'message' section during your booking, or simply request it at check-in. 

Yes. The hotel is under contract to keep your room until one hour prior to your day room check-out time.

In principle, you cannot check-out after your listed check-out time, and could be penalized for doing so. However, if you call the front desk and warn them of your desire to check-out later than the time allocated, depending on availability, you may have to pay a small supplement, depending on your desired check-out delay.

You have two options to book with HotelsByDay:

You can "pay at the hotel" which grants you free cancellation up to the same day.

You can also select a "non-refundable" booking. This means that you'll need to provide credit card details to book a day room. Once booked, the hotel will not allow us to change the date, cancel, or refund the stay.

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